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The company's investments in environmentally friendly turbines over the past decade amount to more than 1000 million euros

Antonio Beteta visits ITP to mark the completion of turbine number 1000

The Madrid Autonomous Community's Counsellor for Finance and Taxation, Antonio Beteta, visited the facilities of Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S. A, (ITP) at their centre in Ajalvir (Madrid) to mark the completion of their 1000th turbine made with in-house technology.

In the words of ITP's Director General, Ignacio Mataix, at the presentation of this institutional visit, "although our assembly line has now turned out more than 4000 aeronautic turbines, the landmark of reaching our 1000th turbine using entirely in-house production and technology is a tribute to the investment efforts that ITP has laid out over the last decade. The figure stands at over 1000 million euros, all aimed at achieving more efficient, more environmentally friendly engines".

Expanding on this topic, Ignacio Mataix added, "The company is facing a new technological challenge focussed on other engine modules which could multiply the success we have achieved up to now with the Low Pressure Turbine Module".

For his part, Antonio Beteta explained that "The Community of Madrid backs the development of a competitive economy through supporting innovation and promoting high value activities. That's why it's a magnet for high technology companies, where the presence of the space sector is particularly significant because 65% of the entire Spanish aerospace sector is concentrated in our region".

ITP leads the world in the manufacture of low pressure turbines and given the deliveries expected within the next twenty years, 50% of all large-scale commercial Aircraft will be equipped with ITP modules (the Airbus 380 and Airbus 340, the Dreamliner B787 and the Airbus 350XWB). To face this demand, a specific programme is under development to enable the company to deliver 400 turbines a year by 2012. Over the next twenty years, turbines for the Trent 900, Trent 1000 and Trent XWB, will lead to sales figures of over 7,100 million euros.

ITP also has a stake in the engine specifications for three of the Defence Programmes of reference in Europe (the TP400 for the A400M, the EJ200 for the Eurofighter and the MTR-390-E for the Tigre helicopter).

During the event the Finance and Taxation Counsellor had a chance to visit the Test Centre, where he saw at first hand the effects of the sand on a TP400 engine. In terms of the ageing effect it has on the engine, this is comparable to volcanic embers. He was also shown around the Centre's engine maintenance facilities.


Trent 500A350Low Pressure Turbine608
Trent 900A380Low Pressure Turbine188
Trent 1000B787Low Pressure Turbine52
LMS 100IndustrialPower Plant30
TP400A400MLow Pressure Turbine24


At the forefront in R&D

In 2009, ITP invested a total of 70 million euros in R&D, 29% more than in the previous year. Of that figure, more than 30 million euros went on developing the XWB and Trent 1000 engines that power future aircraft the Airbus 350XWB and the Boeing 787, respectively, both of which are outstanding in terms of their efficiency and respect for the environment. In fact, over the course of the year ITP reinforced its position of national leadership among industrial companies for a ratio of R&D investment to sales that stands at 14.6%.

As an essential first step in the development of in-house technology, ITP takes part in all the newest and most ambitious aeronautics R&D projects, 70% of which pursue environmental goals such as emission cuts, improvements to efficiency or noise reduction.

The highlight among these is the "Sustainable and Green Engines" platform, part of the joint European Clean Sky initiative. The initiative was set up to develop the key technologies required to ensure that the next generation of aircraft will limit their impact on the environment as much as possible, and ITP's stake in it is budgeted at 21.6 million euros for the period 2008 - 2017.

Other stand-out projects include DREAM and OPENAIR, part of Framework Programme VII, both of which are based on ambitious objectives set by ACARE, the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe, including a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, an 80% cut in NOX and cutting perceived noise by half. ITP has a stake in both of these projects budgeted at 2.1 million euros.


Note to the editor

ITP Aero is currently the ninth largest aircraft engine and components company in the world by revenue. Ranking among the top one hundred companies in the aerospace industry (Top 100 Aerospace Companies, PwC and Flight International). The company employs over 3,500 people at its production centres in Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, Malta and India.

ITP Aero includes among its activities the design, research and development, manufacturing and casting, assembly and testing of aeronautical modules and engines. It also provides MRO services for a wide range of engines for regional airlines, business aviation, helicopters, industrial and defense applications. ITP Aero operates as a corporate entity within the Rolls-Royce group.

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