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Along with their affiliate, PCB, they are the only Spanish company within the aeronautics sector to be registered

ITP registers its San Fernado work centre with EMAS, the most demanding enviromental management system in Europa

The Industria de Turbo Propulsores Centre in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) has just been certified within the EMAS Register by the Community of Madrid's Council for the Environment and Land Management.

The European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a voluntary mechanism directed at companies and organisations that want to assess, manage and improve their performance in environmental issues. EMAS aims to better the environment and it provides a tool to evaluate and manage an organisation's environmental impact. Apart from ITP and PCB, there are currently only eight other companies from the aeronautics sector in Europe that can lay claim to EMAS registration.

At the San Fernando Centre, staffed by a team of 330 professionals, specific work is carried out on the design and development of aeronautic components. This certification serves to reaffirm ITP's commitment to sustainable development and to emphasise one of their key business targets: to move forward in the design, production and maintenance of aeronautic engines that are ever more environmentally friendly throughout their entire life cycle.

At the forefront in R&D

In 2009, ITP invested a total of 70 million euros in R&D, 29% more than in the previous year. Of that figure, more than 30 million euros went on developing the XWB and Trent 1000 engines that power future aircraft the Airbus 350XWB and the Boeing 787, respectively, both of which are outstanding in terms of their efficiency and respect for the environment. In fact, over the course of the year ITP reinforced its position of national leadership among industrial companies for a ratio of R&D investment to sales that stands at 14.6%.

As an essential first step in the development of in-house technology, ITP takes part in all the newest and most ambitious aeronautics R&D projects, 70% of which pursue environmental goals such as emission cuts, improvements to efficiency or noise reduction.
The highlight among these is the "Sustainable and Green Engines" platform, part of the joint European Clean Sky initiative. The initiative was set up to develop the key technologies required to ensure that the next generation of aircraft will limit their impact on the environment as much as possible, and ITP's stake in it is budgeted at 21.6 million euros for the period 2008 - 2017.

Other stand-out projects include DREAM and OPENAIR, part of Framework Programme VII, both of which are based on ambitious objectives set by ACARE, the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe, including a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, an 80% cut in NOX and cutting perceived noise by half. ITP has a stake in both of these projects budgeted at 2.1 million euros.


ITP makes public the activities it carries out as part of its environmental responsibility by means of the Environmental Declaration, a document that gathers together all the information relevant to each centre's environmental performance. The Environmental Declarations of those ITP centres that are registered within EMAS are drawn up annually then submitted to exhaustive checking by an accredited outside body. Once validated, they are placed at the public's disposal (they can be found on ITP's webpage).

The challenges facing the air transport sector today are to cut aviation emissions and to reduce their impact on the environment and on climate change. In taking up these challenges, ITP carries out all its activities relating to the design, development, manufacture, repair and maintenance of aeronautic engines with environmental considerations in mind. The final aim is to reduce the environmental impact of its work centres and of the products that ITP puts on the market by applying environmental criteria throughout the product's life cycle from the design phase onwards.

Note to the editor

ITP Aero is currently the ninth largest aircraft engine and components company in the world by revenue. Ranking among the top one hundred companies in the aerospace industry (Top 100 Aerospace Companies, PwC and Flight International). The company employs over 3,500 people at its production centres in Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, Malta and India.

ITP Aero includes among its activities the design, research and development, manufacturing and casting, assembly and testing of aeronautical modules and engines. It also provides MRO services for a wide range of engines for regional airlines, business aviation, helicopters, industrial and defense applications. ITP Aero operates as a corporate entity within the Rolls-Royce group.

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