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ITP extends its agreement with Pratt & Whitney to support the PurePower® engine family

A collaboration agreement was signed by ITP in October 2012 with Pratt & Whitney to support the PurePower engine family.
Coinciding with the Paris Air Show (Le Bourget), ITP signed an extension of the existing agreement with Pratt & Whitney for design, manufacturing and maintenance work for the PurePower engine family. ITP will now support the new Embraer regional aircraft models.

In the words of ITP CEO Ignacio Mataix, "the extension of the PurePower engine agreement to incorporate Embraer represents an endorsement of the program, and also aligns with several fundamental targets in the ITP Strategic Plan, such as our presence in the single-aisle segment, customer diversification and growth."

E-Jets E2: New Regional Aircraft

Embraer, a Brazilian company, announced the launch of a second generation of regional aircraft, the E-Jet E2, with 365 orders (among which the biggest buyer is SkyWest, with firm orders for 100 units and another 100 units on option).

The E-Jet E2 family is the next generation of the current Embraer aircraft, with major improvements in propulsion (PurePower engines), wings, avionics and systems. The new generation includes three variants: the E175-E2 (80-90 passengers), the E190-E2 (97-114 passengers) and the E195-E2 (118-144 passengers). The first variant to enter service will be the E190-E2 in 2018.

PurePower Engine

Pratt & Whitney's PurePower family of engines uses an advanced gear system allowing the engine's fan to operate at a different speed than the low-pressure compressor and turbine. The combination of the gear system and an all-new advanced core deliver the improvements in fuel efficiency, environmental emissions and noise. The first PurePower engine versions to be launched were the PW1200G for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet and the PW1500G for the Bombardier CSeries aircraft. The CSeries engine become the first PurePower engine to be certified in February 2013, and is due to enter service in 2014.

In December 2010, Airbus announced the launch of the re-engined version of its very successful A320 family, which will be certified first with the PurePower PW1100G-JM from Pratt & Whitney.

The more recent PurePower engine applications are: the PW1400G for the new Russian narrowbody airliner Irkut MS-21, and the PW1700G and PW1900G for the recently announced E-Jets E2 from Embraer.

ITP Participation

ITP has become the first Pratt & Whitney Risk-Revenue Sharing Program collaborator to join the entire PurePower engine program family. The extension involves an increase in all aspects of the program including work on the new engines (the PW1700G and PW1900G). ITP will supply some of its strategic products, like structures and external parts.

Excellent Market Outlook

In October 2012, ITP signed an agreement with Pratt & Whitney for a stake in the manufacturing, engineering and maintenance work of this engine. This was ITP's first major contract with the U.S. manufacturer and meant the group's entry into the single-aisle commercial aircraft segment, where it had previously had no presence. The worldwide fleet of this type of aircraft is at 12,000 units, and that figure is expected to rise to 23,000 over the next twenty years, making it a sector with one of the brightest outlooks in the market.

As a collaborator on the PurePower engine program, ITP will work alongside Pratt & Whitney to align its industrial capacity to the requirements of the launch ramp-up and will be manufacturing under its own responsibility at both its Zamudio facilities in Spain and its Mexico plant.

Note to the editor

ITP Aero is currently the ninth largest aircraft engine and components company in the world by revenue. Ranking among the top one hundred companies in the aerospace industry (Top 100 Aerospace Companies, PwC and Flight International). The company employs over 3,500 people at its production centres in Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, Malta and India.

ITP Aero includes among its activities the design, research and development, manufacturing and casting, assembly and testing of aeronautical modules and engines. It also provides MRO services for a wide range of engines for regional airlines, business aviation, helicopters, industrial and defense applications. ITP Aero operates as a corporate entity within the Rolls-Royce group.

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