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  • ITP’s Strategic Plan confirmed following the acquisition by Rolls-Royce
    19/12/2017 |

    • ITP Aero updates its brand.
    • Josep Pique to join the ITP Aero Board as Chairman.

    Following Spanish Government approval of Rolls-Royce's acquisition of the remaining 53.1% stake in ITP, previously owned by SENER, from now on the Spanish company will be part of the Rolls-Royce group. ITP Aero's status as a corporate entity within Rolls-Royce will grant a degree of organisational autonomy to the company, giving it the capacity to fully comply with all its commercial business commitments, while meeting Rolls-Royce's governance and compliance standards.

  • XIV Technology Conference "ITP 2020: From planning to reality"
    03/11/2017 |

    During the 3rd and 4th of November, ITP holds its XIV Technology Conference at the Auditorium of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao aimed at deepening into the technological aspects that are allowing the fulfilment of the goals the company has set for 2020. More than 150 engineers take part in this year's edition.

  • 100 years of Spanish propulsion in 18 engines
    31/10/2017 |

    The exhibition "From Elizalde to ITP" retraces the history of the design and manufacture of aircraft engines in Spain. It can be visited from 6 November to 15 December at the Higher Technical School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering of the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid), as part of the activities of the Madrid Science Week.

  • ITP starts its Dual Professional Training programme
    03/07/2017 |

    ITP started its Dual Professional Training programme today with the enrolment of 19 students: nine are joining the company's central plant in Zamudio, where they will be working closely with the CFAA (Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre), and ten are joining the PCB plant in Barakaldo, where the company's casting operations are based.

  • ITP turnover up 9.9%, reaching 780 million euros in 2016
    04/04/2017 |

    ITP recorded turnover of 780 million euros in 2016, representing year on year growth of 9.9% and in-line with the company's forecast outlined in ITP's 2020 Strategic Plan.

    During the year, ITP's Commercial Aviation segment saw a 20.5% increase in activity, while Defence activity remained in line with 2015 and In Service Support recorded a slight 3.8% decrease.

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