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  • ITP Aero 2017 Full Year Results
    12/03/2018 |

    ITP Aero recorded an 850 million euro turnover, a year on year growth of 9% in line with the ITP 2020 Strategic Plan.

    Company workforce up by 8%

  • Chuck Hagen receives the “HAI Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance Award” 2018
    02/03/2018 |

    The Helicopter Association International (HAI) has handed Chuck Hagen, Field Service Representative, Salesman and Trainer of Aeromaritime America, ITP Aero's subsidiary located in Mesa (Arizona), the Excellence in Maintenance of Helicopters Award.

    The prize has been awarded during the Helicopter Trade Show & Exhibition HAI HELI-EXPO held in Las Vegas, USA. This award acknowledges distinguished helicopter maintenance service professionals out of HAI's 18.000 members.

  • Ignacio Mataix to leave ITP Aero
    18/01/2018 |

    Ignacio Mataix has decided to leave ITP Aero and to take up another business opportunity. He will continue to work for ITP Aero until 16 February, in order to assure a smooth transition. The search for his replacement has already started. In this transition period the company and its Executive Team will be led by Carlos Alzola, who will become Interim General Manager ITP Aero; Simon Kirby, Rolls-Royce COO will provide strategic guidance.

  • ITP’s Strategic Plan confirmed following the acquisition by Rolls-Royce
    19/12/2017 |

    • ITP Aero updates its brand.
    • Josep Pique to join the ITP Aero Board as Chairman.

    Following Spanish Government approval of Rolls-Royce's acquisition of the remaining 53.1% stake in ITP, previously owned by SENER, from now on the Spanish company will be part of the Rolls-Royce group. ITP Aero's status as a corporate entity within Rolls-Royce will grant a degree of organisational autonomy to the company, giving it the capacity to fully comply with all its commercial business commitments, while meeting Rolls-Royce's governance and compliance standards.

  • XIV Technology Conference "ITP 2020: From planning to reality"
    03/11/2017 |

    During the 3rd and 4th of November, ITP holds its XIV Technology Conference at the Auditorium of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao aimed at deepening into the technological aspects that are allowing the fulfilment of the goals the company has set for 2020. More than 150 engineers take part in this year's edition.

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