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Castings occupies a 20,000 square metre space which is dedicated to the fusion of super-alloys.

Castings is a facility wholly dedicated to the microfusion of super-alloys. It employs the very latest technology in procedures and equipment for both open air and vacuum casting, as well as installations for vacuum thermal treatment. Its goal is to manufacture top quality, high precision founded parts, specifically intended for the gas and industrial turbine market in general.

Castings’ activities are directed towards:

  • Engineering services for lost wax precision casting.
  • Manufacturing parts founded by means of microfusion for the following alloys
  • Founding of nickel-based and cobalt-based super-alloys in special vacuum furnaces of up to 150 kg capacity.
  • Founding of stainless steels, high elasticity steel alloys and cobalt-based alloys in special open air furnaces of up to 150 kg capacity.

Direct contact

Tel.: +34 94 418 43 00
El Barracón, 1
48910 Barakaldo - Bizkaia - España


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