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DescriptionDevelopment of high-reliability manufacturing systems for rotating parts with demanding surface integrity requirements - 2
Funding BodyMINECO
Funding / File No. ExpedientRETOS-COLABORACIÓN 2014 / RTC-2014-1861-4
Coordinator / ParticipantsITP Aero / DANOBAT, GMTK, EKIN, IDEKO, UPV/EHU and Mondragon University
Project OverviewThis project continues the DESAFIO project that was implemented between 2010 and 2013. DESAFIO-2 continues with developing advanced manufacturing technologies, including new solutions for machines and accessories with applications in machining processes that are commonly used at ITP Aero for parts with high surface integrity requirements; new manufacturing methods for broaching; re-engineering to optimise machining processes; the development of process simulation tools and a study of the correlation between process parameters and the surface integrity of the parts.

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