• 09/01/2019 Basque consortium to launch innovation network to boost manufacturing in south-west Europe

    The manufacturing sector is one of the key drivers in Europe, with more than two million companies and almost 30 million people directly employed by it. However, new market and societal needs, fast technological advances and environmental and sustainability requirements are driving a deep change in the sector. The EIT Manufacturing initiative was created in order to contribute to making it more competitive, sustainable and productive. With the support of the European Commission, more than 50 companies and technology centres from all over the continent will work together to make Europe a world leading benchmark for manufacturing innovation and encourage companies to adopt new technologies more quickly and efficiently.

  • 15/11/2018 ITP Aero joins the XVIII edition of the Madrid Science Week

    An aeronautics workshop and a guided tour around its Ajalvir facilities have been two of the many activities ITP Aero has organized for primary, high school and vocational training students.
    "Why do planes fly?", "How does an engine work?" These have been the type of questions answered by the initiatives developed by ITP Aero during the XVIII Science and Innovation Week in Madrid. This event is being held from the 5th to the 18th of November in order to encourage society to get a more familiar with science and technology.


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