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Corporate social responsibility

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At ITP Aero we seek to create technological, industrial, economic and cultural development in the communities where our workplaces and employees are located.


In order to generate a sustainable work environment, we have defined four main areas of action:

  • Education, with the aim of promoting scientific careers (STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Throughout the year we develop numerous STEM activities in our plants and the universities and technology centres with which we collaborate. These include: educational workshops, visits to our production centres, exhibitions, talks and conferences. 
  • Environment, adding value and a social perspective to the company's environmental strategy.
  • Social investment, contributing positively to our communities.  Once a year we launch the ITP Aero Solidarity Initiative, in which employees and companies make important donations for projects that have a positive impact on our communities. During 2018, 29,929 euros were donated to the following projects: ASPACE Bizkaia organization, the concession of scholarships in India through the NGO S.A.U.C.E, the funding of APSURIA Foundation scholarships and the collaboration with the Association Raíz Mujer of Querétaro (Mexico).
  • Arts, culture and heritage. ITP Aero has been a Trustee of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao since its foundation in 1997. Through the Board of Trustees, we favour the dissemination of arts and culture, as well as the development of an institution that is an international reference and an emblem of the city of Bilbao.

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