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Contract awarded for next phase of NGWS/FCAS project


Press release from the Spanish Ministry of Defense

The contract launching the next phase of the NGWS/FCAS project was awarded on 15 December to Dassault Aviation, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH and Airbus Defence and Space SAU, Indra and Eumet (Joint Venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and MTU Aero Engines).

This contract, valued at around 8.000 million euros, will be aimed at preparing and demonstrating the various NGWS systems. One of the main milestones of these demonstrations will be the first flight of the New Generation Fighter demonstrator.

These demonstrations will allow validation of the concepts and technologies for the operational NGWS, the development of which will begin in the late 2020s. The value of the first phase of this contract, covering some 36 months of activities, exceeds 3.000 million euros. It is based on the agreement signed by France, Germany and Spain on 30 August 2021. The Direction Générale de l'Armement acts as the contracting authority for the three countries.

The award of this contract is a major step forward. It demonstrates the common will of the participating nations and their industries to overcome numerous obstacles to move forward together.

The three nations intend to celebrate this award and symbolically launch the activities during an event that could take place in Madrid.

In 2017, the NGWS/FCAS cooperation was initiated by France and Germany under French leadership and Spain subsequently joined in 2019. Its objective lies in the development of a new, interconnected system of systems: the NGWS will be at the heart of European air combat systems in the 21st century. At its core, the next-generation fighter, NGF, will be connected to remote carrier drones and will have the advantage of leveraging numerous air, naval, ground and space capabilities, thanks to a combat cloud. Based on cutting-edge technologies, the NGWS will enable our air forces and the French Navy to fully benefit from the era of collaborative combat.

This ambitious project brings together numerous industries in our three countries. The main industrial players are Dassault Aviation, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH and Airbus Defence and Space SAU, Indra, Eumet (JV Safran Aircraft Engines-MTU), ITP, MBDA, SATNUS, Thales and FCMS.

This project will enable the French, German and Spanish armed forces to preserve their air superiority in future operational scenarios and European industry to develop its expertise, so that our three countries will remain, resolutely, together, in the select club of leading-edge air systems designers.

Find here the official Press Release

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