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ITP Aero opens its doors to future engineers


Technology high school students, who will be future engineers, have had the opportunity to visit ITP Aero to learn about the company’s design, production, and state-of-the-art technology.

The visit took place as part of Industry Day, in the Industria Erronka initiative, organised by the Bizkaia Metal Companies Federation, with the support of the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. ITP Aero is taking part in this initiative for the third year running, to introduce industry and technology to the school children of Bizkaia.

“¿Why does an aeroplane fly? I always thought it was incredible that an aeroplane could fly, didn't you?” This is how Amaia Pastor, a young industrial engineer, who has been working in ITP Aero for four years, began her presentation. After explaining the physical reasons that make an aeroplane fly, Amaia continued by telling the Lauro Ikastola students about her experience in the company and the work she has done, from the design area to the manufacturing workshops.

Moreover, the students have visited the company's manufacturing workshops where they were able to witness the entire process close-at-hand.

This helped them to understand, from ITP’s young talent, just how an aeronautical engine works and what are the different phases carried out at ITP Aero, from the design, manufacture and production itself, to the most rigorous resistance and quality controls.

Likewise, ITP Aero took part in the final event of the Industry Day at the BEC, where all the students from participating schools in Bizkaia gathered. The company emphasised the importance of technical and scientific careers for the future, highlighting the wide range of possibilities for professional development and the high rate of employability in the sector.

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