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Business aviation

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Pratt & Whitney Canada's PurePower™ PW800 engine family has been developed specifically for the business aviation market using advanced sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies. PW800 engines power the Gulfstream G500 with the PW814, the G600 with the PW815 engine and the Falcon 6X with the PW812D.

The PW800 engines share the same core as Pratt & Whitney's PW1000G engine family, in which ITP Aero also participates as a risk and revenue sharing partner.

In the PW800 engine, ITP Aero is responsible for the design, development, production, assembly and aftermarket maintenance of the booster and mid-turbine frame (MTF).


The PW800 engine family produces
20,000 pound thrust

Developed with advanced 
sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies

Gulfstream G650
Gulfstream G500


Honeywell's HTF7000 engine family has been specifically designed to power business jets. All combined, they accumulate more than 1.7 million flight hours.

In the HTF7000 programme, ITP Aero as a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner (RRSP) is responsible for the production of low pressure turbine components and the exit guide vane (EGV).

The engines of this family power the following business aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350, with the HTF7000 and HTF7350 engine; Gulfstream G280, equipped with the HTF7250 engine; Embraer Praetor 500/600 and Embraer Legacy 450/500, powered by the HTF7500E engine and Cessna Citation Longitude with HTF7700L engine.

These engines produce up to
7,500 pound thrust

More than1.7 million
flight hours

Bombardier Challenger 300


The CFE738 engine produced by CFE, a joint venture between General Electric and Honeywell, powers the Dassault Falcon 2000 business jet.

In this programme, ITP Aero is responsible for the manufacture of the high-pressure compressor rotor.

Dassault Falcon 2000
Dassault Falcon 2000


Honeywell's TFE731 engine family features more than 20 different models and more than 13,000 engines produced for a total of 100 million flight hours. The TFE731 powers the Hawker 750/900XP, Bombardier Learjet 40/45, Dassault Falcon 900 and Gulfstream G150 business aircraft.

In this programme, ITP Aero produces low pressure turbine components and also holds a maintenance license.


This engine produces
3,500 pound thrust

More than 100 million
flight hours

Gulfstream G150
Falcon 900

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