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Single-aisle and regional

Partners in the PW1000G programme

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The PW1000G programme offers significant environmental improvements, such as an estimated saving of 378 litres of fuel per hour and a reduction of one metric tonne of CO2 emissions per flight hour.

In this programme ITP Aero participates in the design, development, production and aftermarket of the engines and supplies inter-turbine structures, external connection systems and integrated bladed rotors (IBRs).

The PW1000G engine family includes six aircraft models: the Airbus A220 powered by the PW1500G engine; the A320neo with the PW1100G engine; the Embraer E190-E2 equipped with the PW1900G engine; the Embraer E170-E2 with the PW1700G engine; the Mitsubishi Regional Jet powered by the PW1200G and the Irkut MC-21 equipped with the PW1400G.


These engines produce
15,000-33,000 pound thrust

Saving 378 litres of
fuel per hour


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