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Interconnected to build the smart factory of the future

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Digital transformation is an industrial renewal process in which new concepts have been developed to guide the sector and consolidate efficiency improvements in products and processes.

ITP Aero is currently deploying the digital tools required for the digital transformation process, delivering significant results, with a relevant impact in terms of cost, quality, process simplification and time.

Additive manufacturing – 3D

ITP Aero has developed its own design criteria that have allowed the manufacture of certified aeronautical components that are currently in flight operations. In addition, the company is also working on the development of new components which, because of their geometry or material, represent a greater challenge.

Big data – Internet of things

By extracting data from our equipment, we are able to apply artificial intelligence algorithms in our processes, in order to optimize production and anticipate any type of incident to reduce cost and increase quality.

The inclusion of geolocation in products, the integration of all the systems and the application of the data obtained in a secure environment during the entire production process, lay the foundations of the so-called "smart factory". The "smart factory" is the epitome of the fourth industrial revolution to which ITP Aero is moving steadily, including technical training through virtual reality and the integration of robots into the factory environment.


Simulation software has a very significant impact on ITP Aero's manufacturing processes and products. It makes it possible to simulate the behaviour of machines and processes in order to avoid carrying out real tests in a factory environment, which would imply a greater logistical effort. As a result, ITP Aero can predict the behaviour of certain processes and machines or forecast the performance of in-service engines in order to optimise maintenance activities and reduce aircraft ground time.

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