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Future of aviation

New engine architectures to improve efficiency

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In order to face the great challenges of the aeronautical industry, ITP Aero is working on a three-pronged strategy to successfully meet present and future needs.

Short term future focuses on…meeting demand increase 

The expected air traffic increase over the coming decades has led to a very substantial demand for new aircraft. ITP Aero, as well as many other large companies in the sector, is implementing different production related initiatives to meet the cost reduction, fleet increase and airline maintenance time reduction needs the sector demands. To this end, ITP Aero focuses on manufacturing technology excellence, including additive manufacturing and digitalization.

Short term future focuses on…new engine architectures

Increased air traffic goes hand in hand with the need to reduce the environmental impact of air transport systems. At ITP Aero we are developing new geared engine architectures for optimum performance of all engine components, as well as technologies for adaptive propulsion systems for supersonic flights including the new generation of fighter jets.

ITP Aero is involved in the development of the intermediate pressure turbine and rear structure of Rolls-Royce's new generation UltraFan® engine, which features a geared architecture to ensure that the various engine components run at their optimum speed. This engine will offer a 25% fuel economy and emissions improvement over the first generation Trent engines.

Long term future focuses on…hybrid-electric and hypersonic

As part of the challenge of minimising the impact of air transport systems, we are developing technology that will lay the foundations of hybrid propulsion, as well as contributing to initiatives led by the European, Spanish and Basque governments.

In the longer term, we envisage taking part in turbo-electric and hypersonic propulsion in order to develop technologies that enable the use of electric engines powered by gas turbines.

In addition, ITP Aero is working on new hypersonic flight engines, five times faster than the speed of sound that will significantly reduce travelling time.

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