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Future of aviation

New engine arquitectures for a more sustainable aviation

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In order to face the great challenges of the aeronautical industry, ITP Aero is working on a strategy to successfully meet present and future needs.

Short term future focuses on…new engine architectures and sustainable fuels

At ITP Aero we are working on the development of new engine architectures to reduce the environmental impact of air transport, using a new geared-engine concept for the optimal functioning of all engine components and allowing the inclusion of sustainable fuels that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%. 

ITP Aero is involved in the development of the intermediate pressure turbine and rear structure of Rolls-Royce's new generation UltraFan® engine, which features a geared architecture, to ensure that the various engine components operate at their optimum speed. The engine will offer a 25% improvement in fuel economy and emissions compared to the first generation Trent engine.

Medium term future focuses on…hybrid-electric and hydrogen-based propulsion.

Driven by the challenge of minimising the impact of transport systems, we are investing in the development of technology that will lay the foundations for hybrid-electric and hydrogen-based propulsion.  

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