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Know-how based competitiveness

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At ITP Aero, our expertise is structured in six key areas of knowledge on which we build our experience and know-how.

Main areas of expertise

Whole engine and subsystems

It includes the technological developments and methodology focused on whole engine and subsystems integration.

Computational engineering

It entails the methodology and software developed for the turbomachinery design system and for the computer simulation software of ITP Aero.

Aerothermal and aeroacoustics

This area of knowledge brings together all the developments and methods necessary to understand the fluid dynamics that take place in turbomachinery.

Structural analysis and product life

A set of methodologies aimed at carrying out advanced structural analyses, as well as engine components' life cycle.

Materials and processes

This key area studies the behaviour of materials and their manufacturing processes to be applied in different gas turbine components.

Manufacturing and repair technologies

It develops new manufacturing and repair technologies, as well as their implementation in the factory.

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