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Thanks to its major investments in research and development of advanced technologies, ITP Aero offers manufacturing, engineering and experimental services based on quality, delivery, cost and reliability throughout the full lifecycle of its products.

Experimental services

ITP Aero has more than 25 years of experience providing experimental services such as:

  • Engine and component test facilities, full supply and refurbishment.
  • Structural and vibration testing.
  • In house horizontal and vertical spin test facilities for over speed and fatigue test of rotatory modules.
  • Instrumentation design, application and calibration.
  • Engine management.

We supply test facilities for all the types of aero engines and industrial gas turbines anywhere in the world. In our engine test equipment portfolio we include bell mouths, thrust stands, transport trailers or special equipment, as sand ingestion rigs. To fulfil the strong requirements for these kind of facilities, ITP Aero has developed its own state of the art data acquisition and control systems (HADAS).

Regarding its rig testing services, ITP Aero offers:

  • Rig facilities design, manufacturing, building and commissioning.
  • Component tests execution: dynamic, structural, and special rig testing.
  • Test vehicle design and make (aero-thermal, combustors, impact test, mechanical integrity, seals).
  • Metrology and special sensor calibration.

In instrumentation design and make, ITP Aero has wide experience developing:

  • Instrumentation design and application for engines, modules and components.
  • Design and supply of aero-thermal rakes using both conventional and additive manufacturing technologies.
  • Special measurement equipment integration on engine (telemetry systems).
  • Design and supply of instrumented components and modules.

To get in touch with our experimental services team, please send us an email to experimental.services@itpaero.com


Manufacturing services

Based on its extensive manufacturing technology experience, ITP Aero offers product 'design and make' services according to customers’ `make to print' specifications.

These services focus on products such as turbines, radial structures, compressors, casings and externals.

ITP Aero's production facilities located in Bizkaia, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom have advanced manufacturing capabilities such as high-performance machining, advanced joining technologies and nickel superalloy casting.


Engineering services

The engineering services available to customers include:

  • Full engineering support, including different disciplines such as aerodynamics, materials, mechanical analysis, noise, etc.
  • Turbomachinery design work packages.
  • Development of digital design tools and specialized analysis.
  • Analysis and consulting work packages.
  • Design of subsystem installations.
  • Programme management and engineering.
  • Design and execution of engine and component tests.
  • Flight test support.

These services are applied both at complete engine level and in the main engine modules such as turbines, structures, compressors, nozzles, externals, controls and software.

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