Advanced products.

Design and manufacture of components using proprietary technology

Broad portfolio

ITP Aero develops a broad portfolio of products across six business lines

Present on more than 50% of twin-aisle aircraft

The turbine is the module that supplies the necessary power for compressors, propellers and helicopter rotors.

ITP Aero is responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly, and validation of high and low speed, ultra-efficient turbines.

Supplying power to the engine

The compressor absorbs air from the atmosphere and increases its pressure so that it can be introduced into the combustion chamber. The compressor draws power from the turbine shaft.

ITP Aero is responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly and aftermarket of compressors and its critical parts such as the integrated bladed rotors (IBRs)

State of the art manufacturing technologies

Radial structures are the components that support the forces that are generated in the engine and transmitted to the aircraft. The radial structures house the bearings, which is where the engine shaft sits, and provide passage for oil, air or instrumentation conducts into the engine.

ITP Aero is responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly of radial structures. Within the portfolio of this product, the company produces turbine rear structures (TBH, TRF, TEC, EGV), interturbine (MTF, HP/IP) and front structures (FBH).


Broad product portfolio

Aerostructures & Externals

Advanced hot and cold forming and welding aerostructures capabilities 

Externals, also known as dressings, are components fitted to the external part of the engine, these include tubes, cables and all necessary instrumentation. The company develops rigid pipes, large-sized pipes (ducts), coupling systems and metal components.

Optimising engine performance

Advanced manufacturing technologies for Outlet Guide Vanes (OGVs). 

These vanes are curved airfoils, similar to wings, that are installed in a circular arrangement around the engine’s central axis.

Testing the foundations of hydrogen combustion

Advanced manufacturing of complex, high-temperature resistant architectures.

ITP Aero works on the development of combustors, to enable the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and tests to establish the fundamentals of hydrogen combustion.

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