Corporate governance.

The company has its own governing and management bodies, responsible for decision-making and ITP Aero’s financial results, as well as safeguarding the interests of stakeholders

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), brings together the people who lead each of the Company’s executive functions and ITP Aero as a whole. It directs the regular administration of the Company and the ordinary course of ITP Aero’s business in line with the objectives set in the Strategic Plan.

ITP Aero Group Chief Executive Officer

Eva Azoulay

Managing Director

Carlos Alzola

Chief Financial Officer

Javier Lázaro

Executive Officer of Engineering and Technology

Erlantz Cristóbal

Executive Director of
Internal Governance and Resources

Manuel González

Executive Director Operations

Valentín Gorroño

Executive Director of
Human Resources

Arantza Hallett

Executive Director
Civil Business Unit

Mikel Lantero

Executive Director
Strategy & Sustainability

Pablo Quintana

Executive Director
Defence Business Unit

Álvaro Santodomingo

Executive Director Supply Chain

Elena Vicente

Board of Directors.

The Board is the highest governing and administrative body entrusted and ultimately responsible for the direction and performance of the Company and the management of its affairs. It sets the strategies and objectives for the Company and the entire ITP Aero group, overseeing and controlling the mechanisms of oversight, risk management, governance, and viability of the Company.
President of ITP Aero

Juan María Nin

Carlos Alzola Elizondo
Member of the Board
Eva Azoulay
Member of the Board

Javier Lázaro Rodríguez

Member of the Board
Juan Alberdi Alberdi
Member of the Board
Salvador Álvarez Pascual
Member of the Board
Miguel Francisco Azorín – Aguirre
Member of the Board

Andrej Busch

Member of the Board

Andrea Filippa

Member of the Board

Enrique Hernández Vitón

Member of the Board

Marc Murtra

Member of the Board

Javier Ortigosa Salvador

Member of the Board
Enrique Parra Arce
Member of the Board
Fátima Porras Olalla
Member of the Board

Juan Pablo Quiroga

Member of the Board

Ivano Sessa

Member of the Board

Davide Vidotto

Member of the Board

Javier Villasante Ferrando
Secretary of the Board

Javier Rovira Benitez

Vicesecretary of the Board

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