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EJ200 engine, a success story


The EJ200 is the engine of the Eurofighter combat aircraft developed by Eurojet. This consortium has delivered more than 1,200 units of this engine.

ITP Aero is responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly, testing and MRO. Moreover, ITP Aero is the exclusive EJ200 engine MRO services provider for the Spanish Air Force and is responsible for the MRO of its modules for Austria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

The EJ200 engine produces
20,000 pounds thrust

More than 1,200 engines delivered to participating nations

F414 .

GE Aviation’s F414 engine powers the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter.

In this programme, ITP Aero produces a range of different engine components.

The F414 engine produces 22,000 pounds thrust


Within the J85 engine family, ITP Aero is responsible for the production of the J85-21 compressor discs and J85-5 components. The J85 family powers the Northrop F-5 and T38 Talon planes.

The J85-21 engine produces 5,000 pounds thrust

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