Interconnected to build the smart, digital factory of the future

Digital transformation represents a renewed industrial approach to  improve the efficiency of our products and processes

ITP Aero is developing the digital tools to achieve meaningful impact on cost, quality and time

Additive manufacturing.

ITP Aero has developed its own design criteria for the manufacture of aeronautical components, which have been certified and are currently in service.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Connectivity.

ITP Aero applies artificial intelligence algorithms in its processes to optimise production and predict any incidents while reducing costs and increasing quality.



Simulation technologies have an unrivalled impact on ITP Aero’s manufacturing processes and products.

They make it possible to simulate the behaviour of machines and processes. This means that we can predict the behaviour of certain processes and machinery, and forecast engine behaviours in service. This helps optimise maintenance activities and reduce aircraft downtime.

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