Industrial and marine turbines.

Sustainable propulsion that goes beyond aerospace

ITP Aero participates in the two most important industrial gas turbine programmes in the market, focusing on electricity generation, marine and mechanical propulsion

These versatile turbines are a robust solution for the development of renewable energies

LM2500 .

General Electric LM2500 is an industrial and marine gas turbine.

This engine can operate with sustainable fuels and hydrogen at 75% capacity.

As a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner (RRSP) of this programme, ITP Aero is responsible for producing compressor components and the low and high pressure turbine.

The LM2500 turbine generates up to 38 megawatts

More than 75 million hours of operating experience


General Electric LMS100 is an aeroderivative turbine.

As a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner (RRSP), ITP Aero is responsible for the design, development and production of the outlet structure and components of the high pressure turbine.

The LMS100 turbine generates 117 megawatts with a reliability of 99.6%.

More than 350,000 hours of operating experience

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