Sustainable aviation.

At the forefront of the most revolutionary developments in air propulsion

ITP Aero is committed to achieving net carbon emissions by 2050

To address the challenge of decarbonisation of the aviation industry, we are working on a strategy that focuses on future alternative solutions

Ultra-efficient engine architectures using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

We are working on developing new engine architectures to reduce the environmental impact of air transport. 

ITP Aero is a technological partner for Rolls-Royce’s new generation UltraFan® engine, which will offer a 25% improvement in fuel consumption and emissions, compared to the first generation of Trent engines.

ITP Aero is responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly  of the Intermediate Pressure Turbine of the UltraFan®. 

The UltraFan® demonstrator has proven to successfully operate with 100% SAF (Sutainable Aviation Fuels),

Hybrid-electric mobility

ITP Aero is laying the grounds of hybrid electric propulsion technology through different initiatives, leading public-private collaborative projects with the aim of developing electric propulsion demonstrators for urban and regional aircraft.

These ground-breaking projects prove that the proprietary technologies developed by ITP Aero have a key role to play in the decarbonisation of aviation.

Hydrogen propulsion

ITP Aero is leading different projects to develop a hydrogen-powered aircraft engine.  

As part of this R&D effort, ITP Aero is also designing and building a unique open air test bench to carry out the first tests on this engine in 2026. 

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