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Industrial and marine turbines

Power beyond aeronautics

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ITP Aero participates in the two most relevant industrial gas turbine (IGT) programmes on the market, which focus on electricity generation and marine or mechanical propulsion.


The LMS100 is an aero-derivative turbine developed by General Electric.

In this programme, ITP Aero is a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner (RRSP), responsible for the design, development and production of the turbine rear frame and components of the high pressure turbine.


The LMS100 is capable of producing more than
100 megawatts of power

More than 350,000 hours
of operational experience



The LM2500 is an industrial and marine gas turbine (mechanical traction, oil and gas industries, power generation, etc.) produced by General Electric.

As a Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner (RRSP) of this programme, ITP Aero is responsible for the manufacture of different compressor components and the high and low pressure turbines.


The LM2500 turbine generates up to
35 megawatts of power

More than 75 million hours
of operational experience

LM2500 galería

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